With Harry Potter’s companion Hedwig, Snowy Owls entered the imaginations of millions of children across the world. But what are real Snowy Owls like? Snowy Owls: Whoo Are They?, a new book by Ansley Watson Ford and Denver W. Holt, with illustrations by Jennifer White Bohman, answers that question, transporting readers into the world of this magnificent predator of the North. Written for readers ages 8 and up, Snowy Owls: Whoo Are They? reveals how this bird of prey survives?and thrives?in the harsh landscape of the Arctic tundra. With clear language and beautiful illustrations, the book travels alongside the Snowy Owl as it hunts, finds a mate, raises a family, and faces the challenges of an uncertain future. Snowy Owls: Whoo Are They? also has games and activities designed to teach children what it’;s like to be a Snowy Owl. A list of Web resources encourages inquisitive minds to go online to see photographs of Snowy Owls in the wild, listen to a Snowy Owl call, and see how scientists track Snowy Owls and other migratory animals by satellite.


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Children and Teen, Children 8-12

Format: Paperback / softback

Dimensions: 64

ISBN: 9780878425433

SKU: MC0183

Publication Date: June 6th, 2016

Snowy Owls: Whoo Are They ?