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Not all dreams have happy endings. Sailing in Circles, Goin’ Somewhere is the funny, bittersweet
Port of Call celebrates the extravagant and spectacular event that will bring the tall ships
As the first person to circumnavigate the globe alone, Captain Joshua Slocum is celebrated as
The second title in the Stories of our Past series, Bluenose tells the story behind
Race to Fame tells the story of the schooner Bluenose, unbeaten international champion of the
The story of the original Bluenose has permeated maritime lore, but the truth is more
In this magnificent work, L.B. Jenson, noted marine artist and historic illustrator, has adapted and
Noted marine artist and historic illustrator L.B. Jenson has produced a number of publications that
Deciding what boat to build is one of those wonderful mind pursuits, and study plans
Author/illustrator Sam Manning has brought to life a period in history which makes this book
This book is packed with how-to and know-how, as well as photos and drawings. Originally
Find practical tips including selecting the best type of slip, approaching Marina Management, assessing amenities,

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A fitting sequel to his popular Boat Modeling. Build nine models using the lift method:
Featuring one of Phil Bolger’s clean, simple designs. Dynamite clearly explains the building process that
Step-by-step instruction, illustrated, beginning with the basics and working toward advanced hull shapes and techniques