Lumber was and is New Brunswick’s largest inustry and throughout the 19th century the province largely remained a timber colony dependent on its vast forests for most of its revenue. And for 150 years, New Brunswikcers entered the wilderness each fall, lived in primitive lumber camps while cutting, skidding, yarding, and hauling logs to the riverbanks and waited for spring break-up. This Is the story of a great industry, of lumberjacks, the teamsters, scalers, raftsmen, shantyboys, swampers, and rossers. From the wangan, tote road, twitching horse, sacking, due bills, and the corporation drive, the reader is taken inside the lumber world of yesterday. Over 140 historical photographs with extensive captions reveal forgotten logging practices, unique details of river drives, and how the early sawmills were built and organized.


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Geography, New Brunswick, Heritage, Atlantic Heritage, New Brunswick

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Publication Date: September 15th, 2011

Logging in New Brunswick, Lumber, Mills & River Drives