The Life of Alice is a love story, but not just any love story. A young schoolteacher in rural Nova Scotia meets a much older man ? a man with a wife and two small children; a man with a reputation through two counties along the Parrsboro shore. The relationship Alice Graham and D.B. Lewis form together not only drives his wife Gracie from the house but scandalizes the staunchly community.

Alice and her new family gain much from the love she and D.B. share, but there is a great sacrifice, one that mars Alice?s happiness all her life. But because of her loving, generous nature, Alice and D.B.?s union changes the lives of his children and enables them to endure in the face of heartache and disgrace.

The Life of Alice takes the reader from the work and worries of farm life to the inhumane conditions of a county jail, and to the dark corridors of a federal prison. It lays open the moral codes of another time and how a young woman faced scandal and tragedy to persevere.


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Biography, Biography

Format: Paperback / softback

Dimensions: 160

ISBN: 9781897426883

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Publication Date: July 18th, 2016

Life of Alice