Lessons Learned Upside the Head is a book with the potential to help you make positive changes in your life and the lives you touch each day — if you are willing to listen to your heart and are open to change. Carol Ann draws on her life’s experiences laced with examples of how the simplest tasks in life can bring you the most happiness and success. Having learned to communicate, celebrate, lighten up, share, care and dare to go it alone, Carol Ann will guide you as you revisit your own personal skills. What works for this Valley girl from rural Nova Scotia might also work for you.

The author writes compellingly about her work and in personal life as she takes you through lessons learned from her small town upbringing in Wilmot, Nova Scotia to the boardrooms of Bell Canada during her heady executive days. Less than two years following her own experience with cancer, Carol Ann walked away from what she executive career and boldly walked through the doorways that cancer blew wide open. In telling her story from the heart, Carol Ann serves up the opportunity for the reader to take a fresh look at one’s own life.

Carol Ann refocused her energies on what is really important: family, friends and finding a way to contribute while leading a more meaningful life. Here story includes:

-Leaving home at the tender age of eighteen armed with a high school diploma and a single goal — to find that “big job” and make her mark in what seemed to be a man’s world;

-Life as a single parent after marriage, motherhood and divorce all in her early twenties;

-Climbing (and sometimes stumbling on) that slippery corporate ladder;

-Battling breast cancer while watching it take her mother’s life at the same time;

-Learning to become a new and better person as the result of sickness and hardship.


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Biography, Biography

Format: Paperback / softback

Dimensions: 180

ISBN: 9781895900798

SKU: PC0151

Publication Date: April 1st, 2006

Lessons Learned Upside the Head