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Nova Scotia’s Ross Farm Museum is a living window into the province’s agricultural history. Since
In December 1917, one of the greatest natural harbours in the world was humming with
The latest in the Stories of our Past series explores the WWII Jewish refugee ship
In mid-June 1864, the Province of Canada (Ontario and Quebec) was experiencing what contemporaries call
In 2012 the Landscape of Grand Pré, which includes the entire Grand Pré Marsh and
The newest title in the Stories of our Past series tells the tale of the
Graham, with a journalistic, fact-collecting approach, painstakingly tries to piece together what happened when mysterious
Now a national historic site, the fortified military settlement of Louisbourg was once a colonial
The second title in the Stories of our Past series, Bluenose tells the story behind
The first book in the Stories of Our Past series, Rum-Running is an intriguing look