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In Prince Edward Island: An Illustrated History, Douglas Baldwin takes the reader on a journey
The popular story of the construction of the fixed link from the mainland to PEI.
From the time of their arrival on Isle Saint-Jean in the early 1700s, Acadian women
If you have ever gone for a drive around rural Prince Edward Island, you would
D. Scott MacDonald’s father, W. Blair MacDonald had a keen interest in the changing landscape
It has been estimated that between fifteen to twenty thousand ships have meet their end
Architect Scott Smith has complied a thorough and fascinating description of Prince Edward Island’s unique
George Wright has had a long history of interest in the Burying Ground, with at
A Light in the Field features the historic architecture of lighthouses, fishery buildings, barns and
Originally published in 1986, Historic Churches of Prince Edward Island won the Award of Merit,
The first of its kind, this fully illustrated book examines the evolution of domestic architecture