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Dutch Oven was compiled by the the Ladies Auxiliary of the Lunenburg Hospital Society in

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Regularly described as New Brunswick’s greatest scholar, William Francis Ganong (1864-1941) wrote more than many
Sidney Crosby: The Story of a Champion follows the young Cole Harbour hockey phenomenon through
A one-of-a-kind interpretive guide to the distinct dialect spoken in New Brunswick’s Miramichi region. Startin’
Phantom ships, sea monsters, mutiny, and murder find their places beside stories of those Iron
Sitting along the scenic St. John River and tucked into the surrounding wilderness, Fredericton bristles
Washabuck is not a place to launder money; Ecum Secum is not a children’s game;
Inspired by her desire to stay connected to the food of her home province, culinary
Saint John Facts and Folklore is filled with anecdotes about the city’s history, unbelievable incidents,
Have you ever been to the LaHave Islands Marine Museum on Bell Island? How about
The rich heritage of Newfoundland English, influenced by the dialects of the English, Irish, and
The magic of Peggy’s Cove at night, the rugged shorelines and clifftops, the magical expanse
Georges Island has long stood guard in Halifax Harbour. Used in the seventeenth century as
Originally the land of the Maliseet, Mi’kmaq, and Passamaquoddy, New Brunswick has a colourful and
The children of Africville, Nova Scotia, lived in a special community where everyone knew their