Deciding what boat to build is one of those wonderful mind pursuits, and study plans catalogs are a great way to get that thought process in gear because you have a nice variety of boats to compare/contrast.

The designs range from three different skin-on-frame boats, to glue-lap-ply dinghies and daysailers, to a 20′ trimaran, and some go-slow canal boats. There are several power boats, including simple skiffs and more rugged powercraft, and weekender type sailboats go up to 24 feet. What sets these design catalogs apart from other such publications is the honest commentary, and the lines provided so you can understand the hull shapes of a three-dimensional boat from a flat piece of paper. Basic particulars are included, as well as building skills needed. And, all of the plans shown are available for purchase from WoodenBoat.

This is the fourth in the very successful series of boat design catalogs published by WoodenBoat. The three prior sutdy plans catalogues have approximately 100,000 copies in print. None of the designs in Forty-Five Wooden Boats are shown in the prior books, and the emphasis is on boats you can build.


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Reference, Nautical

Format: Paperback / softback

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ISBN: 9781934982143

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Publication Date: December 30th, 2016

Forty-Five Wooden Boats