Cecile Souris and her mouse family live under the floorboards of a little Acadian house in Grand Pré, owned by the Dubois family. The house—above and below the floor—is full of good food, laughter, and wonderful music, made with fiddles and spoons. But one day soldiers arrive and take the Dubois family—and the Souris family with them—far away from Grand Pré. Join them on an unforgettable journey in this heartwarming tale of courage, love, and joy as the Acadians continue to celebrate life with fiddles and spoons!

This beloved story is now available in a second edition with a new design, including some new illustrations.


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Children and Teen, Children 4-8, Heritage, Acadian

Format: Paperback / softback

Dimensions: 32

ISBN: 9781771085625

SKU: NB1350

Publication Date: July 10th, 2017

Fiddles and Spoons (pb)