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Linda Moore’s long­awaited sequel to Foul Deeds is another highly engaging mix of art and
The body of Pastor Sandy Gardner, a TV preacher with a global following, turns up
Finally! A new book in the popular Shores Mysteries series!For the first time in thirty
From the macabre to the fantastical, from the paranormal to superstitions and folklore, from stories
The residents of Baxter, Maine, are going nowhere fast–but not for lack of trying. In
Family secrets will get out…and the ramifications get gruesome in Pretty Dead, the seventh Jack
This is author Vernon Oickle’s highly anticipated fifth book in his acclaimed Crow series. An
In Straw Man, crime reporter Jack McMorrow and his wife, Roxanne, have settled into small
Crime Reporter Jack McMorrow returns to his old beat at The New York Times and
It is 2001 and the police constable’s girlfriend is murdered in a fit of jealous
The Shores is celebrating a killer 200th anniversary. A skull tossed up on the beach
Herrings are falling from the sky over The Shores – an unusual phenomenon anywhere, but
It’s Christmas at The Shores. There’s no snow yet, but there are so many outdoor
Nothing big ever happens in The Shores. Ceilidhs, yes. Killings, no. That all changes when
It’s lobster season at The Shores, a fishing village isolated from The Island in a