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Some Canadians greet winter with a cold shoulder, while others celebrate the snow and ice.
Carol Bruneau, author of six acclaimed works of fiction (most recently, These Good Hands), brings
Set in the fictional town of Paddy’s Arm, Newfoundland, Alice Walsh’s debut mystery novel is
A skilful blend of romance and historical fact woven about Halifax, Nova Scotia, while the
In a Cape Breton family of black sheep, Mary is pure as the driven snow.
Linda Moore’s long­awaited sequel to Foul Deeds is another highly engaging mix of art and
The body of Pastor Sandy Gardner, a TV preacher with a global following, turns up
When self-described mid-list Newfoundland author James Nightingale makes a brief sojourn to his St. John’s
Can you really move forward without putting the past to rest? Grace Willingdon has everything
On an October night in 1899 the body of a well-regarded city councilman is found
Annie Welles is an officer with the Halifax Regional Police’s Robbery and Violent Crimes Unit.
Chloe Sparrow is a twenty-five-year-old TV producer with a hit show on her hands. The
Twenty-five years after the Great War, John Maclean is still struggling to carve out a
Lexie Ivy loves her little house in Cape Breton, her big family, and the endless
In this new edition of the classic book, Bill Jessome brings together over eighty of