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From celebrated children’s poet and author Sheree Fitch and early childhood educator and researcher Anne
There are only three things fifteen-year-old Victoria Markham truly enjoys: English class, her signature “Goth
When heavy November rains threaten to flood the small town of Black River, New Brunswick,
When seventeen-year-old track and field star Jesse Collins’s dreams of a full scholarship are shattered
Coping with the recent death of his father, twelve-year-old Jacob Mosher is sent to spend
Sixteen-year-old magazine quiz junkie Kelsey Sinclair wants to make this summer unforgettable by (hopefully) seducing
Cammie Deveau began life with a few strikes against her. She’s visually impaired, abandoned by
It’s just all so unfair. My ditzy sister is trying to get her claws into
Pru Burbidge lives a simple life on the family homestead on Dalhousie Road in 1940s
I must admit that when I first started losing weight I was pleased. I dropped
Over five hundred children from Halifax and Dartmouth were killed when the munitions ship Mont
After years of struggle by Blanchfleur to maintain its independence, the idyllic walled city of
This is a new young adult novel by P.E.I.’s Poet Laureate. It is a dystopic
Something or someone in Natalie Payson’s nightmares keeps calling her back to her home town

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In the final installment of The Five Stones Trilogy, Chase, Evelyn, and Knox must fight