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Alex is attending her first Mi’kmaw spiritual gathering, or mawiomi. Though she is timid at

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From celebrated children’s poet and author Sheree Fitch and early childhood educator and researcher Anne

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Emma lives on the grey, cold, lonely side of a wall, where people speak in
From Atlantic puffin to zooplankton, with lots of wild Atlantic Canadiana in between–like lobster, brown
Why are moths drawn to light at night? Why do some flowers only bloom under
Eleven-year-old Cammie Turple grew up with more obstacles than most. Visually impaired and abandoned by
A Sheree Fitch classic, the Silver Birch- and Hackmatack Award-winning children’s picture book about children’s
There are only three things fifteen-year-old Victoria Markham truly enjoys: English class, her signature “Goth
The Mi’kmaq lived in Canada long before the country even got its name. Before Europeans
Kate is an odd duck-literally. When the full moon arrives, the rest of her family
Seal went for a stroll… The icy puddles were too small for swimming The rocks
Spring. Beautiful blossoms. Chirping peepers. Trees swaying in their new greenery. Pussy willows glistening in
The snow knows where the rabbit goes. It knows the hush­shush of the owl’s wing.

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When heavy November rains threaten to flood the small town of Black River, New Brunswick,
Now sixteen, Anne is grown up – sort of. The second novel in L. M.