Centuries of Silence: The Discovery of the Salzinnes Antiphonal showcases an exceptional cultural artifact made in 1554-55 for Dame Julienne de Glymes, prioress of the Cistercian Abbey of Salzinnes near Namur (Belgium). Since its discovery in 1998 in the collection of the Patrick Power Library, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, years of research and analysis have allowed its identification and conservation, culminating in its first public display.

The Salzinnes Antiphonal is unique among illuminated antiphonal manuscripts for its multiple images of named nuns, enlivening a musical record of monastic communal devotion by visually commemorating the de Glymes family’s patronage and leadership of that female-religious house.

The liturgical text, plainchant music and rare full-page illuminations make for a rich document of a time, the Renaissance; a place, Wallonia; and a community of cloistered women, the Cistercian nuns of Salzinnes, who come alive in this manuscript two centuries after the venerable abbey’s demise.


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Publication Date: December 22nd, 2017

Centuries of Silence