It was a frigid night in February 2013 when the lights aboard the Miss Ally malfunctioned. The crew, five young men from southern Nova Scotia, knew a wicked storm was approaching, but they also had thousands of dollars of fishing equipment still bobbing in the ocean. Instead of gunning for shore, they decided to stay and try to locate their buoys, nets, and traps; the decision proved fatal.

Sometime overnight, between calls to the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre and their loved ones on land, the Miss Ally capsized. The vicious winter storm prevented any form of rescue from sea or air, and all five fishermen–Katlin Nickerson, Joel Hopkins, Cole Nickerson, Tyson Townsend, and Billy Jack Hatfield–were lost at sea. Their bodies were never found.

Through interviews with the crew’s families and co-workers, the Coast Guard Joint Rescue Co-ordination Team, and members of the tight-knit fishing community of Woods Harbour, award-winning journalist Quentin Casey pieces together the night the Miss Ally foundered, weaving in the backstories and the aftermath of this tragic accident. Includes 10 black-and-white photos.


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Biography, Biography and Memoir, Sea Stories

Format: Paperback / softback

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ISBN: 9781771084796

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Publication Date: April 30th, 2017

Sea Was in Their Blood