Baby’s Lullaby is a fabulous baby board book for bedtime. Renowned musician Jill Barber provides soft, soothing words to calm baby before sleep. HildaRose’s colourful illustrations depict different parent-child pairs getting ready for sleep: from otters, to fish, geese, squirrels, raccoons, and of course, baby!

The stimulating visuals and patterns, recognizable baby and animal faces, and close-ups on parent-child interaction will keep baby engaged. The text’s use of rhythm, repetition, and simple language means baby and parents will enjoy reading Baby’s Lullaby again and again. This sturdy board book is suited for babies age 0-2 years old.


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Children and Teen, Children's Picture Books, Children 0-3

Format: Board book

Dimensions: 16

ISBN: 9781551097954

SKU: NB0909

Publication Date: October 21st, 2010

Baby's Lullaby