“Get off of there, Craig!” shouted Shawn.

“I can’t! I’m slipping!” wailed Craig.

Shawn leaped back onto the ice. He took a breath and jumped over the widening crack, grabbing his little brother by the coat as he flew through the air. Both boys fell heavily to the ice on the other side.

The boys stared in horror as the crack widened to reveal an eddy of churning, foaming brown water.

Tony, Craig, and Shawn are trapped on an ice floe on the Petitcodiac River in the dead of winter, and the rapid current is pulling them toward the ocean. Twelve-year-old Petra arrives and the boys think they’re saved, but their dangerous journey is only just beginning.

The boys and Petra face peril at every twist and turn of the river in Chocolate River Rescue, an exhilarating adventure based on true events. They also learn that a river of chocolate is far better served warm, over ice cream, than cold on an ice floe!


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Format: Paperback / softback

Dimensions: 112

ISBN: 9781551096001

SKU: NB0731

Publication Date: April 15th, 2007

Chocolate River Rescue