Denise Adams has had a lifetime of gardening experience at the threshold of the Atlantic Ocean. In Atlantic Coastal Gardening she offers personal, practical tips, techniques, and inspirational advice for creating healthy, beautiful coastal gardens.

With a focus on sea-hardy flowers, vegetables, herbs, and shrubs, Adams’s suggestions are accessible to both budding and blossomed gardeners. Grow with your property, with tips on which plants to purchase, grow, or avoid, and learn how to cultivate your natural surroundings to their full potential, year round. Atlantic Coastal Gardening includes everything from creative composting to gathering and growing seeds, simple, natural recipes for the seaside garden harvest, solutions to poor soil quality, and plenty more!

Includes over 300 vibrant images of stunning coastal gardens and scenery on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.


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Home and Family, Home and Garden

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 240

ISBN: 9781771081443

SKU: NB1093

Publication Date: February 12th, 2014

Atlantic Coastal Gardening