New from P.E.I.’s most beloved comedian!

A tiny land, on the outer lip of the known universe. A changing time, with empires hellbent on flattening all places into one. And a scrappy group of misfits, who unite to fight a future they don’t even recognize yet.

Sound familiar? That’s because we’re describing Prince Edward Island.

In his new book “An Islander Strikes Back” humourist Patrick Ledwell admits his little province is way behind the mainland. But it means Islanders like Ledwell can see where they’re going– about 10 years before they manage to get there.

A follow-up to “I Am an Islander” his hit first collection, “An Islander Strikes Back” hoists its battle flag on a cracking fault line between past and present, here and there, and releases the pressures for natural laughs. The short, funny pieces tap into deep-seated questions, roiling beneath the surface, such as “Does an aging population make me more attractive?” and “How can I possibly become alpha to my dog, when I pick up his deposits in a grocery bag?”

In “An Islander Strikes Back”, Patrick Ledwell sounds a rallying cry for comedic resistance everywhere. Won’t you join him?


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Art and Fun, Humour

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 172

ISBN: 9781927502259

SKU: AC0114

Publication Date: May 5th, 2016

An Islander Strikes Back