Fog Lit Festival: Jessome Workshop – Writing as Therapy

Saint John Free Public Library

1 Market Square, Saint John NB

Registration is now open for Phonse Jessome‘s writing workshop at this year’s Fog Lit Festival in Saint John! Sign up for “Writing as Therapy” at now!

“On how to deal with trauma or loss through writing. We will look at a form of writing first developed by Psychologist James Pennebaker who has run a series of peer reviewed studies that show how a specific style of writing forces the brain to mimic the same wave lengths it produces during deep meditation or Yoga. 

I’ve taken Pennebaker’s “Writing to Heal” program and made it my own. I use a combination of aggressive music and brutally honest journaling. Together they create a form of loosely guided exercise of writing/thinking. Used properly this kind of writing through trauma can be a life saver.” – Phonse Jessome