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Dutch Oven was compiled by the the Ladies Auxiliary of the Lunenburg Hospital Society in

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The Mi’kmaq lived in Canada long before the country even got its name. Before Europeans
This outspoken, timely book by former Mulroney Cabinet Minister Tom McMillan indicts Stephen Harper for
Spanning 1,200 kilometres from New Brunswick’s Passamaquoddy Bay to Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula, Atlantic Canada stands
It’s Christmas Eve in the fair town of Amherst, Nova Scotia, and sparkling snowflakes crown
Regularly described as New Brunswick’s greatest scholar, William Francis Ganong (1864-1941) wrote more than many
Theresa Williams’s lexicon puzzles have been hugely popular since they were first published in 1988.
Sidney Crosby: The Story of a Champion follows the young Cole Harbour hockey phenomenon through
Ce que l’auteur Richard Saillant appelle le Grand Déséquilibre démographique canadien– « le rythme très
In a Cape Breton family of black sheep, Mary is pure as the driven snow.

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What author Richard Saillant calls Canada’s Great Demographic Imbalance–“the highly unevenpace at which Canada’s regions
Sara Jewell has collected lots of addresses–eighteen in total–including four in Vancouver, British Columbia, and
Travel back in time to when Christmas was a simple affair: children were content to
Truth and Honour explores the 2011 murder of Saint John businessman Richard Oland, of the
Linda Moore’s long­awaited sequel to Foul Deeds is another highly engaging mix of art and

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