8 Dog-Themed Picture Books for Chinese New Year 2018


It’s time to ring in Chinese New Year! As we enter the Year of the Dog, celebrate with these 8 picture books showcasing man’s best friend.

1. A Breed Apart

A Breed Apart

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is Canada’s first and only true Canadian bred dog. For almost two hundred years the dog was unknown outside of southwestern Nova Scotia. Straight out of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” is the dog’s astonishing ability to lure waterfowl. Here, at last, is the full story of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and the men and women who bred and trained them.

2. Bud the Spud

Bud the Spud

Here is Stompin’ Tom Connors’s famous and irresistible song about potatoes, in a sturdy board book edition perfect for young readers. Travel with Bud as he steers his rig down the highway with a load of “the best doggone potatoes that’s ever been growed.” A Canadian classic by a legendary folk hero.

3. Pup From Away

Pup From Away

Dukes the pup is brought to rural Prince Edward Island from the city. He is used to the glamour of city life and isn’t sure what to make of life in the country. Over time he begins to explore the fields and streams and finds that he loves it more than he could have imagined.

4. Nic and Nellie

Nic and Nellie

Astrid Sheckels’s picture book Nic and Nellie is a gorgeously illustrated, heartwarming story of a girl and her beloved dog, Nellie, who slowly learn that new places really aren’t so scary, and that often friends can be found around every corner –even in old rowboats, tidal ponds, and stinky mudflats.

5. Crosby and Me

Crosby and Me

Did you ever get to your hockey game and realize you’d forgotten a skate? That’s precisely what happens in Crosby and Me. Of course, Dad hits the roof because he wants his son to be the next Sidney Crosby, and he knows that by the time he drives all the way home and back, the game will be over. Mom reminds Dad that it was he who forgot the skate. They’re just on their way out the door when Suzy comes to the rescue with her skates and the son gets to play after all. After the game, Dad is proud, Mom is glad, and Crosby, the family mutt, is full of pizza. A sweet picture book that reminds everyone of the real point of the game: to have fun.

6. Far Enough Island

Far Enough Island

Sarah’s best friend is her dog, Jeremiah, who came into her life in the night in the middle of a horrendous storm. Sarah is concerned about her unhappy mother and her father — who doesn’t always make the right decisions. Here is a story about a young girl’s belief in herself, a family’s struggle to survive and the desire to hold onto hope even when all hope seems to be gone.

7. Famous at Last

Famous at Last

Fred’s goal in life is to be famous. His ticket to fame involves acting in TV commercials for vegetables he doesn’t like. Soon he discovers that fame is not all it’s cracked up to be. When it comes to smiling and lying about how great some vegetables are … well, you just have to draw the line.

8. Halifax Time-Travelling Tune

Halifax Time-Travelling Tune

This dreamy and whimsical story follows a young child who travels back in time to 1950s Halifax with a whimsical tune. Follow the pair through Point Pleasant Park, the Public Gardens, Spring Garden Road, Citadel Hill, and other historic Halifax landmarks, showing off all the sights and sounds of the city. Coming spring, 2018!