8 Children’s Books in Both French and English

Every year on March 20, Francophones and Francophiles around the world celebrate the International Day of La Francophonie by taking part in various events highlighting the diversity and richness of the French language and Francophone culture. With such a huge Acadian population, it’s no surprise that Nova Scotia hosts a huge array of French books! Why not celebrate with us by checking out some that are available in both French and English for readers of all ages!

1. Kisses Kisses Baby-O! / Bisous Bisous Bébé-O! by Sheree Fitch
9781551096469 9781551096971

Kisses Kisses Baby-O! is a story for newborns told from the point of view of a parent or caregiver, but with high interaction with baby’s world and tuned to events in baby’s day. 

Beloved Canadian children’s author Sheree Fitch delivers what she’s famous for: fun, intelligent, participatory text that is a joy to read. Using rhythm and onomatopoeia, Sheree’s bubbly text begins with baby waking, and follows through eating, bathing, playing, and finally sleeping. Repetition, rhythm and active verbs create a lively story that can be read again and again.

2. Baby Look / Bébé Regarde by Carol McDougall and Shanda LaRamee Jones

An accordion-style book that can be unfolded to entertain your baby during tummy time. Babies love to look at baby faces and this book is dual-sided, featuring beautiful photos of babies on each side. Younger babies will love the close-up baby faces on one side, while older babies will enjoy the words and actions on the back of the book. The second in the popular Baby Steps series, each of which focuses on a key developmental stage in baby’s first year, Bébé Regarde is the perfect board book for new parents, baby programs, and baby shower gifts.

3. The Fox and the Fisherman / Le Pêcheur et le Renard by Marianne Dumas
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Barabas is a lonely fisherman. Every morning, alone, he goes out to sea on his small fishing boat, throws his net in the water, and hopes to bring some fish home (where no one is waiting for him). Then one day, Barabas discovers footprints near his home. To whom could they belong?

4. My Two GrandmothersMémère et Nannie by Diane Carmel Leger and Jean-Luc Trudel
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Acadian Mémère et Nannie and Scottish Nannie seem to have nothing in common but their grandchildren, but in this endearing picture book from bestselling author Diane Carmel Lé ger and noted illustrator Jean-Luc Trudel, difference is celebrated. A co-publication with New Brunswick’s award-winning Bouton d’or Acadie and simultaneously published in French, Mémère et Nannie et Nannie is a whimsically illustrated, heartwarming tale of the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, and a celebration of family, of all shapes and sizes.

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5. Évangéline for Young Readers / Évangéline pour Jeunes Lecteurs by Helene Boudreau and Patsy MacKinnon
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In Evangeline for Young Readers, the tragic story of Evangeline and Gabriel’s Deportation is recounted to a new generation. In simple prose true to Longfellow’s poem, Hélène Boudreau describes the utopian village of Grand-Pré where Evangeline grows up, the traumatizing Deportation, and Evangeline’s relentless search across America for her true love. Patsy MacKinnon’s stunning illustrations bring the story to life in full colour.

6. Anne of Green Gables: Stories for Young Readers / Anne… La Maison aux Pignons Verts by Lucy Maud Montgomery and adapted by Deidre Kessler
9781551096629 9781551097633

2008 marked the one-hundredth anniversary of the publication of Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic tale of the red-headed orphan who is mistakenly sent to live with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. Anne of Green Gables: Stories for Young Readers, adapted by Prince Edward Island writer Deirdre Kessler, is suitable for readers ages six and up. With colourful, historically accurate illustrations by award-winning illustrator David Preston Smith, this adapted version of L. M. Montgomery’s wonderful story will delight readers too young for chapter books but nonetheless enthralled by the enduring appeal of this timeless classic story.